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Angela L Holmes ota

Energetic Embodiment Coach & Spiritual Alchemist

I have been studying different modalities of mind-body-spirit wellness and holistic health coaching since 1995. I hold a degree in Occupational therapy along with several certifications in energetic medicine and bodywork. Along my journey to intentional living I have had the privilege to study with and work alongside shamans, mediums, vibrational sound and art therapists, yogis, mystics, allopathic medical doctors and therapists, aromatherapists/herbalists, holistic nutritionists, quantum physicists, environmentalists, a variety of energy practitioners, kinesiologists, spiritual coaches, wiccans, chiropractors, astrologists, hypnotherapists, and most of all children and the elderly.. I have facilitated one to one sessions, groups and worked as a therapist for well over 20 years. It is my continuous curiosity to connect with the Divine Universal Wisdom and assist with guiding evolution and humanity towards wellness, joy and unlimited possibilities!
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