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2x or 4x month access

  • Identify, release, and reprogram limiting beliefs​

  • Balance, revitalize, and align your energies to your desired outcome

  • What you are requiring in the moment to integrate new techniques & tools. 

  • ​Specific tools and techniques to incorporate or integrate the new changes into your life. Focused awareness of what is shifting. 




  Visions Grow in Seasons

My work has no specific niche with whom I see. That being said I will gear my  groups towards individuals of a particular age or theme. Otherwise I cater to the collective as a whole. My vision is to ensure we are each finding our inner medicine, our personal healing, and growing in all aspects of our being. 

Sessions and education are in direct correlation to what it is you are wanting to

*move through

* understand or gain clarity on

*heal from

 *grow towards or away from

 *enhance your intuition

*reduce or eliminate pain

*learn how to manage stress

*reset the nervous system

*brain balance

*correct sleep issues

*raise your vibration

*regenerate at the cellular level

*step into your passion

*manage grief

*expand your perspective on ALL things

*learn how to be your own healer or a healer for others

*activate your DNA and recode your cells 

*heal timelines and ancestral lineage

*connect to your innate knowing with a grand remembering of who and what you actually are

*find your purpose

*correct body & mind imbalances

*bring balance to a particular setting; space cleansing

*connect the dots on business or personal affairs

*connect with loved ones in spirit


*surrender to

*learn how to create

*learn about related to vibrational & quantum medicines

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